With the modern facilities offered, Summerset is the place to study in the 21st century. Summerset students can study Language Courses, Information Technology Courses, Business Management Courses, Hospitality Management Courses and Health Care Courses etc..  We can put you in the front seat where ever you go.

Summerset students learn the skills that employers expect. They get the chance to get practical experience rather than just theory. Summerset offers some of the best opportunities to gain employment.










Private Education In Srilanka

“In this day and age when private education in Sri Lanka is rapidly advancing and playing a major role in the educational system, We at the Summerset believe in delivering an honest and quality-assured program of studies. Our goal is to make certain our students receive an excellent education while in Sri Lanka that will prepare them to successfully complete their degrees at institutions of learning in the Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, Australia or elsewhere.”


Dear Prospective Student

At Summerset, we offer programmes leading to Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma and HND level. The curricula of the courses accord to international standards, are job oriented and focused to the needs of modern employers. Most programmes could be used as bridging platforms to pursue further third level education in USA, UK , Australia , Canada , Malaysia & Singapore. In keeping with the motto of Summerset we are committed to providing an educational service affordable to students of all financial means.



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